Small Business Saturday

This Saturday, November 26th is a big day for small businesses. It’s the second annual Small Business Saturday®, sponsored by American Express. It’s a day when people across the US come out and shop to support their favorite small businesses. Already There is an independently owned, small family business. We’ve been providing town car and limo service to the Seattle Metro area since 2004.

Want to check and see if your favorite Seattle or Eastside small business is participating in Small Business Saturday®? Visit the Small Business Saturday® Facebook page and enter your favorite small business’ zip code to see if they’re registered. We were too late to register with Facebook, but we wanted to be sure to extend a special offer to anyone who would like to give our service a try.

Call us on Saturday November 26th and book service for any day between November 26th and December 31st and save 10% on the fare. Make a reservation for yourself, give one to a friend. Limit 1 per person, you may buy 2 additional as gifts.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you on Small Business Saturday®!

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Don’t Use a Taxi

A competitor website lists their price of a taxi from Capital Hill to Seatac Airport as $42.50. A town car from Capital Hill to Seatac Airport is $45.00. If you live within close proximity to Downtown Seattle or within 5-10 miles north (or in that area) you need not be using taxis . . . Ever!
Already There Town Car is clearly the right choice. There is an article that I have wanted to put on our business site for awhile and it deals with the shadier side of the town car business. I’ve been around this business for about 6 years now and I can certainly say that we are the gold standard when it comes to ethical practices. There are plenty of drivers who hang around the airport and just drive right up to the curb and try to pick up anyone that they can. While that is most convenient for the travelers that isn’t exactly the way it is supposed to work.

And what if you have corporate clientele traveling from the office to the airport. There are plenty of unscrupulous drivers that drive around the downtown area waiting for ‘business travel types’ to be wandering about and then offer to take them to the airport. That may be all well and good but we have corporate billing accounts that take the hassle out of traveling, so what is going to happen when your VIP gets to the airport and instead of having an invoice to sign, the driver starts getting bent out of shape about his fare? Complex situations like these can happen and that is why we hope our clients stay alert while we do our part to pick up our clients in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

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Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Well, there is just under a week until Thanksgiving so I would like to put up some tips or advice to try to help people along at Seatac. Even though I’m sure no one will read this especially in time for thanksgiving but I have to do what I gotta do in order to help this thing out.

People often ask when they call to make a reservation, “How long do I need at the airport?” Which is a great question. I just don’t genuinely know because I don’t travel that much. I have a pretty good sense because I’ve been taking reservations for years and we try our best to make sure that people don’t miss their plane. The Seatac website says for Thanksgiving travel that you should be there AT LEAST 2 hours in advance. And there are a lot of other good tips for holiday travel, so I suggest giving it a look.

Also, I’ve seen a lot of news coverage about these terrible, horrible, no good, very bad full body scanners, which have made their debut at Seatac. And quite frankly I’m glad I don’t travel that much. Getting from the curb to the plane is a pain! Flying isn’t that much better, although on one of the four legs of my trip I did get to watch Monday Night Football, so there is some good in the world. But these imaging devices that the TSA is using to try to make people safer once they are on the plane is really getting people mad before they even get on the plane.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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Link Light Rail (-Yawn-)

Well, I did ride the Link Light Rail (or whatever it is that they are calling it). I rode it from Seatac to Seattle (downtown-Westlake). It wasn’t too bad of an experience. It was clean. We initially thought that we would lose a lot of business travel due to the rates but it just seems kind of clunky to me in comparison to a town car. With a town car: your flight lands, you get your bags, you call us and the car comes to take you to your destination. But with the link you have to get your bag and then make a trek across a parking lot to the station and then wait for the train to leave (I ended up waiting about 15 minutes because I had just missed the previous one. I think they leave pretty often). And the ride to Seattle isn’t too bad but with all the stops it takes about 30 minutes to get to downtown. And then you have to get where you are going from there.It’s a matter of taste or other stuff probably. I’m pretty frugal and I think I would rather pay the town car and have a direct line of transit.

And once I (we) got off the train we took a taxi from the station to our house and that fare added up quicker than I would have thought (or hoped). With all that it would have been just about as easy to get the town car from Seatac and it would have taken a lot less time and cost a little bit more.

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Oh, there’s supposed to be a title here?

This is my first blog post and it is the start of a new trend. I am glad that our company got a new website, but now we have to use it. It is important to us that our focus is on the customer. We feel that our business provides excellent private transportation from door to door (airport to home) at a very competitive price. I’m talking competitive with the taxi cabs not just other town car companies. And what you get with us is WAY better than a taxi!What will you find on our blogs? Updates on what we are doing to try to improve customer service. Status updates for the airport perhaps. Sometimes we focus on the local aspects of our business too much but that can happen since we are based in Redmond, WA. But we know how much our business thrives with out-of-state customers and we want to make sure they can find what they need here too. We are looked at as a downtown Seattle airport shuttle and we are also the best way to get to the airport if you are going out of town on a business trip. “Don’t park at the airport!” is what I always try to tell people. Our prices are competitive with airport parking lots too and you get way better service and all you have to do is walk from your door to our car door. It’s very simple.

Don’t forget, we don’t just drive to the airport. Nights on the town, special occasions, winery tours and weddings are all events that can be made even better with a town car!

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