Link Light Rail (-Yawn-)

Well, I did ride the Link Light Rail (or whatever it is that they are calling it). I rode it from Seatac to Seattle (downtown-Westlake). It wasn’t too bad of an experience. It was clean. We initially thought that we would lose a lot of business travel due to the rates but it just seems kind of clunky to me in comparison to a town car. With a town car: your flight lands, you get your bags, you call us and the car comes to take you to your destination. But with the link you have to get your bag and then make a trek across a parking lot to the station and then wait for the train to leave (I ended up waiting about 15 minutes because I had just missed the previous one. I think they leave pretty often). And the ride to Seattle isn’t too bad but with all the stops it takes about 30 minutes to get to downtown. And then you have to get where you are going from there.It’s a matter of taste or other stuff probably. I’m pretty frugal and I think I would rather pay the town car and have a direct line of transit.

And once I (we) got off the train we took a taxi from the station to our house and that fare added up quicker than I would have thought (or hoped). With all that it would have been just about as easy to get the town car from Seatac and it would have taken a lot less time and cost a little bit more.

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