Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Well, there is just under a week until Thanksgiving so I would like to put up some tips or advice to try to help people along at Seatac. Even though I’m sure no one will read this especially in time for thanksgiving but I have to do what I gotta do in order to help this thing out.

People often ask when they call to make a reservation, “How long do I need at the airport?” Which is a great question. I just don’t genuinely know because I don’t travel that much. I have a pretty good sense because I’ve been taking reservations for years and we try our best to make sure that people don’t miss their plane. The Seatac website says for Thanksgiving travel that you should be there AT LEAST 2 hours in advance. And there are a lot of other good tips for holiday travel, so I suggest giving it a look.

Also, I’ve seen a lot of news coverage about these terrible, horrible, no good, very bad full body scanners, which have made their debut at Seatac. And quite frankly I’m glad I don’t travel that much. Getting from the curb to the plane is a pain! Flying isn’t that much better, although on one of the four legs of my trip I did get to watch Monday Night Football, so there is some good in the world. But these imaging devices that the TSA is using to try to make people safer once they are on the plane is really getting people mad before they even get on the plane.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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