Don’t Use a Taxi

A competitor website lists their price of a taxi from Capital Hill to Seatac Airport as $42.50. A town car from Capital Hill to Seatac Airport is $45.00. If you live within close proximity to Downtown Seattle or within 5-10 miles north (or in that area) you need not be using taxis . . . Ever!
Already There Town Car is clearly the right choice. There is an article that I have wanted to put on our business site for awhile and it deals with the shadier side of the town car business. I’ve been around this business for about 6 years now and I can certainly say that we are the gold standard when it comes to ethical practices. There are plenty of drivers who hang around the airport and just drive right up to the curb and try to pick up anyone that they can. While that is most convenient for the travelers that isn’t exactly the way it is supposed to work.

And what if you have corporate clientele traveling from the office to the airport. There are plenty of unscrupulous drivers that drive around the downtown area waiting for ‘business travel types’ to be wandering about and then offer to take them to the airport. That may be all well and good but we have corporate billing accounts that take the hassle out of traveling, so what is going to happen when your VIP gets to the airport and instead of having an invoice to sign, the driver starts getting bent out of shape about his fare? Complex situations like these can happen and that is why we hope our clients stay alert while we do our part to pick up our clients in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

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