How will I find my driver at Sea-Tac airport?

You can easily locate your driver one of three ways:

1. Meet him at the curb. This is the most frequently used method for meeting your driver. It’s fast and easy. After your plane lands, proceed to the Baggage Claim area and pick up any checked luggage. On the same level as Baggage Claim, go to the door closest to you and call our main number 425.425.9101. We’ll ask which door you’re at (numbers are over each door) and then we’ll dispatch the driver who will meet you within about 5 minutes.

2. Meet him at the Baggage Claim area. Your driver will meet you at the luggage carousel assigned for your flight. He will be holding a sign with your last name written on it. He will have your cell phone number and will call if doesn’t find you. You may also call 425.445.9101 if you cannot find him. There is an extra charge for this option.

3. Meet him at Ground Transportation. Your driver will meet you near the main service desk at Ground Transportation.  He will be holding a sign with your last name written on it.

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